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A new gallery and features!

Written by Jessica Hankins

I'm so excited to say that I've found a gallery that looks like it will suit my purposes. The images load quickly and are not resized strangely. I also don't appear to be having any issues with image quality.  Fingers crossed this is it!

I have also added a comment section to my blog so if you have something nice to say (or not nice if you must) go ahead say it! I'm leaving captcha off for now (you're welcome). We'll see if I need to add it later.

What's to come?  I still have some tweaking to do for sure. Most of that will be so minimal and behind the scenes you will likely not even notice it.

What you will notice are client galleries and just in general more fantastic pictures. I will also be unveiling my encaustic painting portfolio but that will be coming after the site is more solidified. 

I'll be blogging more-- hopefully you'll find it interesting :)  I'm making it a goal to learn a minimum of one new thing a day about either taking or editing photographs  because I believe that you can never stop learning in order to keep growing your art.  I do this for you, and me. So you'll hear about what I've learned and what I find inspiring.

Anything you'd like to see? let me know!

Until next time ~ Jess


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Tuesday the 21st.
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