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The eyes

Written by Jessica Hankins

There are times when I've finished a shoot and I wish that I could make the eyes of my subject stand out more.  Eyes are the windows to the soul, right? Why wouldn't I want to make them as big and beautiful as possible.  I recently learned a simple photoshop trick that is so simple I find myself using it almost every time. You can be as subtle or crazy as you want with it-- I however, opt for subtle-- just sayin! Using the liquify tool set to bloat, and you can punch up the eyes slightly to give them a larger more open look and then really play up their beauty. I LOVE IT!  Here's an image that I recently worked on with  a young beauty and her feline friend.

Young girl & kitten edited with new background and enlarged eyes

I bet you couldn't tell that I resized  4 eyes in this picture.  It only took a few clicks of my mouse and then I was able to enhance the darks and lights in the eyes to make them more appealing. 

Until next time~


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Tuesday the 21st.
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